Tinder and Commitment Issues

Recently, as I was dating around with a guy I met on Tinder, and after a few weeks of quite intimate dates and daily communication, he all of the sudden decided he did not want to see me anymore…and never heard from him again since.

So, I am wondering if Tinder and other dating apps afford usage by certain kind of people – those who have serious commitment issues. Because it seems to me that it was quite clear that it was not all about the fun and just sex when I was dating said guy. Nevertheless, the lack of commitment and responsibilty that we identified as one of the consequences of the casuality affordance of Tinder also hit in this case – although a couple of weeks later than usually.

We should really investigate if certain personality traits and psychological conditions of people would make Tinder and Co. more likely for those to use, as they promise exactly the casuality that they are looking for when they for example have commitment issues.

Here is a nice article from The Guardian about this topic. I agree that Tinder does not produce such commitment issues, but why do we meet so many people with this kind of psychological handicap (as I wanna call it) on dating apps?


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